E-Commerce in the Vietnam Legal System: Review legal framework to be improved to promote e-commerce


  • Hieu Bui Kim Faculty of Law, Ho Chi Minh City University of Foreign Languages - Information Technology, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
  • Pritesh Samuel Intraco Law's Firm, Hanoi, Vietnam


Covid-19 spreads, consumer protection, e-commerce law, electronic transactions


Covid-19 spreads around the world with adverse health, economic and financial impacts. This affects the economic and social practices of the countries in general and businesses in particular. The legal e-commerce system and its fate during and after the pandemic are one area that we lawyers have to consider. To assess the condition in and after this health emergency, we are trying to incorporate e-commerce. E-commerce is an amazing and unparalleled phenomenon. We are looking for proof to be persuaded of this. More specifically, we seek to illustrate the processes by which, in our case, the idea of emerging diseases is imposed. We also consider modern e-commerce, legislative and regulatory systems configurations. Our scientific research aims at focusing on issues related to consumer protection in the e-commerce law, including corporate information, uneven business practices, online payment security, data protection and confidentiality, settlement and solutions for disputes, as well as international and national electronic transactions.