Competitive strategy, quality management and government support


  • Michael Koteski Faculty of Operations and Production, University of Economics and Management, Geneva, Switzerland



Competitive strategy, quality management, Vietnam fresh food firm


One of the predominant challenges of this age is the production of safe food. Due to the far D rcaching effects of food-borne diseases on food consumption in all parts of the world, food safety is one of the central issues for the food industry, governments, traders and consumers alike (FAO/WHO, 2002). In the food industry the quality management paradigm has been advocated in a wide range of research projects on the relationships between specific practices in quality management and the firm’s performance Flynn et al. (1995). In Chapter 3, we examined the relationship between quality management practices (QMP) of pork processors in China and firm performance and found that QMP was positively associated with firm performance. However, as QMP is analysed as a higher order construct, we are not dear about which practices have significant positive contributions to firm performance. Therefore, one of the purposes of this chapter is to investigate the relationships between specific quality management practices and firm performance.



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