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Accelerated Journal Review

ABA Ltd. Journals are entitled to submit manuscripts to the Accelerated Journal Review (AJR) process. After registration, you will receive instructions about how to submit your full paper for AJR. The Accelerated Journal Review process is a double blind peer review conducted by members of the appropriate Journal Editorial Review where the author will be requested to pay extra (30% extra than regular APC) for the faster/rapid review process. These Boards strive for a 25% acceptance rate. Authors will typically receive reviewer feedback from the AJR within 10 days, of their submission. Feedback from the AJR process tends to be more limited due to the short period for review. Depending on the outcome of the reviews, authors are welcome to revise and resubmit their papers for another accelerated review within the deadline.


As mentioned before, Full length paper versions must be formatted according to the Publication Guidelines, even if they are only one page abstracts (we can format Proceedings papers for a fee of $10 per page. However, there are NO formatting requirements for Award submissions or papers sent for Accelerated Journal Review. We do require that full papers contain a cover page with the paper title, author names, affiliations, and at least one email address. This cover page will be removed before the file is sent out for review. We also ask that the full version of the paper be single spaced. Cases must include a corresponding Instructor’s Note as well.

Membership Requirements

If a paper is accepted for Journal publication. Memberships are good for one year and provide access to the online Journals associated with that Academy, and allow members to publish papers in the respective Journal during that year.

Direct Journal Submissions

The direct submission review process is a double blind peer review conducted by members of the appropriate Journal Editorial Review Board. In general, these Boards strive for a 25% acceptance rate. The review time for direct submissions is approximately 2 weeks. These reviews tend to be more in depth than the AJR, and authors are given the opportunity to revise and resubmit depending on the reviewer feedback.